About Copenhagen

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MEET COPENHAGEN, the cultural capital of the North. With an abundance of world-renowned museums, music venues, festivals and historical sites, Copenhagen is full of character. And among the picturesque cobbled squares, canals and copper spires, the city boasts the best shopping, restaurants and nightlife in Northern Europe.

With a metropolitan population of nearly 1.3 million, Copenhagen is the most populous city in Scandinavia. Though smaller than many other Northern European cities, the Danish capital is known for organising successful, large-scale events in innovative, appealing settings. Copenhagen’s conventions industry has a well-earned reputation for professionalism along with extensive experience in hosting international congresses and events. Best of all is Copenhagen easy to reach with direct flights to more than 165 destinations.

WHERE CITY LIFE THRIVES. Copenhagen was ranked fourth in the 2016 Mercer Quality of Living Index for the World’s most liveable cities – and has been ranked number one several times in the past. When British lifestyle magazine Monocle labelled Copenhagen the ‘world’s most liveable city’, it supported the title with many key reasons. Among them were safety, tolerance, green initiatives, international connectivity, creative environments, relaxed lifestyle, democratic design and the active use of city spaces to name just a few.

EXCITING HISTORYFrom marauding Vikings and the world’s oldest monarchy to philosophical pioneers and the iconic Little Mermaid – Copenhagen is the image of a modern-day fairy tale. Visitors can explore Copenhagen’s rich 1,000-year history and at the same time embrace its contemporary urban life with open arms.

INSPIRING DESIGN AND ARCHITECTUREDanish design is internationally recognized for its clean lines, advanced manufacturing processes and use of quality materials – resulting in timeless products, buildings and civic spaces found in the city and the world over. Inspired by light, water, open spaces and sustainability, contemporary architecture in Copenhagen is still causing a stir in journals and design studios worldwide.

ENTICING GASTRONOMY. Copenhagen is home to the recent boom in New Nordic cuisine and has earned itself a unique reputation as a gastronomic capital. The city offers an impressive 18 Michelin stars. Geranium tops the list with three stars while Noma has been named the World’s Best Restaurant five times. Constantly evolving, Copenhagen’s food and restaurant scene caters to all budgets and tastes. And every August it plays host to Northern Europe’s biggest food festival, Copenhagen Cooking.

FUTURE-FORWARD FOCUSCopenhagen truly is a green city – with climate-friendly citizens to match. In fact, Copenhagen has excellent public transport and one of the world’s most dedicated cycling cultures. You can experience the green capital in many ways: swim in the clean waters of the harbour baths, stay in a sustainable hotel, eat organic street food, explore the city on an electric city bike… and much more.

VALUE FOR MONEY. Copenhagen is often perceived as an expensive destination. However, the inexpensive airfares, shorter distances, discounted congress travel passes and variety of budget accommodation help delegates economize on costs and travel time.

It is also worth noting that Copenhagen does not add any city or hotel taxes to the bill. Furthermore, tipping, while voluntary, is not expected.